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Live Remotes


June 29-July 2:  Camp Quality “providing an opportunity for kids with cancer to be kids again” and broadcast live from the beach with WNAS Radio!

August 6:  New Albany High School Open House – live broadcast with parents!

September 19:  Live from the Seventh Street Haunt to get everyone ready for the Halloween season and to learnnewsletter pic 6 about what happens behind the scenes at a haunted house.

October 3:  Harvest Homecoming Parade – broadcasting from the front of the parade and then providing commentary of the floats from the review stand.

October 8-11:  Harvest Homecoming Festival – broadcasting live from the festival and providing information about Harvest Homecoming events.

October 11-15:  New York City – A group of WNAS staff members traveled to NYC to see first-hand radio and TV as well as other landmarks.  Students were able to broadcast from a variety of locations including the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and Central Park.

November 3:  Election Day – Students traveled all over the county to each voting center for live election results on WNAS Radio and TV.

January 21:  Prosser Open House – Staff interviewed a variety of instructors at Prosser to showcase the many programs available to students.