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2022 Primary Election candidate profiles

The 2022 primary election in Floyd County will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd.  This link will take you to our spring Candidate Profile Show for the candidates on the ballot who came to the WNAS studios to participate in the program.


Sectional ticket draw

The sectional ticket draw for season ticket holders will be held on Wednesday, February 21st at 6:30pm.  Doors will open thirty minutes prior and the draw will be held in the New Albany High School gymnasium.  Ticket packages are $10 and you must have your draw stub...

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Bulldog Football

The first football game is Friday, August 19 at Providence and Ryan and Ty will be providing live coverage on 88.1 FM,, "Tune In" and WNAS-TV.  The "Countdown to Victory" will begin at 4:00 with the pregame show starting at 7:15.

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Primary Election on WNAS

WNAS (WNAS News and Updates) is excited to announce the live broadcast of the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, May 2, 2023. As a trusted source for local news, WNAS will provide comprehensive coverage of the election results, keeping our community informed and engaged in the democratic process. The live broadcast will kick off at [insert time] and will continue throughout the evening, allowing viewers to stay informed about the candidates, their platforms, and the election results. Don’t miss out on this crucial event that determines the candidates for the general election. Remember to exercise your right to vote and tune in to WNAS for comprehensive coverage of the Primary Election 

Honoring Mrs. Givens

The 2002 Nancy Givens Memorial Walk will be held Monday, May 2nd starting at 6 pm at Buerk Field.  All proceeds will go to a memorial park and scholarship fund to honor Nancy Givens, an assistant principal at the NAHS who passed away at the start of this school year.

Underwriting Grant Sponsors

2023 Underwriting Grant Sponsors

Please follow this link to see all of the local individuals and businesses who are supporting WNAS Radio/Television in 2023 so we can continue bringing you music, sports, politics, and much more.